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This year at ECOC EXHIBITION 2023 NTT-AT will showcase 'Optical Connector Cleaner', 'Intelligent Optical switch', etc. We look forward to seeing you in ECOC EXHIBITION 2023. Please stop by our booth. 


Date October 2-4, 2023
Location SEC Center, Glasgow, Scotland
Organizar Nexus Media Events Limited
Website https://www.ecocexhibition.com/


Optical connector cleaner series

NTT-AT, a pioneer of optical connector cleaners, provides the highest quality cleaning tools and support to support maintain and build high quality networks.

Optical connector polishing machine series

The ATP-3200 can be used from small amount  to large amount, and achieves polishing of optical connectors such as MPO and Duplex with low reflection / low insertion loss.

Portable Optical Connector Polisher POP-311

A portable polishing machine suitable for on-site assembly and re-polishing optical connectors. It supports polishing of various connectors such as MT, MPO, Duplex Connector.

Optical connector polishing film

NTT-AT’s optical connector polishing films continue to be selected by many customers because they offer stable polishing performance over their long lives and also high yield.

Intelligent Optical Switch

Intelligent optical swtiches that can minimize downtime by detecting failures and switching automatically.

Optical Adhesives and Resins

Optical adhesive, sealing material
We provide adhesvies and resins to meet customer's requirements, such as matching refractive index, precision fixation, heat resistance & high elasticity and low mositure permeability.

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KTN / Optical Crystal

We sell optical devices using KTN crystals such as optical scanners and varifocal lenses, OCT light sources for optical scanner application products, and KTN crystal chips for research and new device applications.

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Diffractive Optical Element

Diffractive Optical Element
Light reflection type beam shaper that can handle high power lasers of over 10 kW.

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