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Convergence India expo

Convergence India expo

Booth# Hall 5, D506

Join NTT-AT at Convergence India expo.

This year at Convergence India expo NTT-AT will showcase 'Optical Connector Cleaner' and 'Polishing Film' and 'Intelligent Optical Switch', etc.
We look forward to seeing you in Convergence India expo.
Please stop by our booth.

About Convergence India expo

Date January 17 – 19, 2024
Location Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India
Organizar Exhibitions India Group
Website https://www.convergenceindia.org/
Admission Free


Optical connector cleaner series

NTT-AT, a pioneer of optical connector cleaners, provides the highest quality cleaning tools and support to support maintain and build high quality networks.

Portable Optical Connector Polisher POP-311

A portable polishing machine suitable for on-site assembly and re-polishing optical connectors. It supports polishing of various connectors such as MT, MPO, Duplex Connector.

Optical connector polishing film

NTT-AT’s optical connector polishing films continue to be selected by many customers because they offer stable polishing performance over their long lives and also high yield.

Intelligent Optical Switch

Intelligent optical swtiches that can minimize downtime by detecting failures and switching automatically.

Humidity Control Sheet

The excellent humidity control function of "Humidity Control Sheet" constantly maintains humidity at a certain level by absorbing and releasing moisture in the air.

Super Water-repellent Material

A superhydrophobic material. It prevents the "water film" as the enemy of antennas that causes radio wave attenuation, for a long period.

High Reflection Heat Shielding Paint

For prevention of thermal runaway of internal equipment and countermeasure against heat island. Thermal Insulation Paint Highly reflective heat shielding paint

  • Rust Preventive Powder Coating ​for preventing corrosion of metal materials
    Equipment corrodes in harsh environments such as along the coast or in hot spring areas.
    Rust Preventive Powder Coating protects your equipment from corrosion!
  • nitride semiconductor epitaxial wafer
    Power devices using nitride semiconductors are expected to be green devices that support the future low-carbon society.
    NTT-AT contributes to the early realization of energy conservation with its nitride semiconductor epitaxial wafer manufacturing technology.
  • USB fast charger with GaN
    Power Delivery (PD) compatible, small and high-performance charger
    Your smartphone, laptop, and AC adapter make your bag heavy. From now on, this one is OK!
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