Nanoimprint Mold
Nanoimprint Mold
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NTT-AT can accommodate a range of needs for Nanoprint Molds, from a fine 20nm pattern for next generation lithography to the order of X μm for bio-MEMS.


The applications of Nanoimprint technology are accelerating in various fields. NTT-AT provides the required Nanoimprint Molds for various stages in research, development, application, and commercialization.
The fields of application of Nanoimprint Molds are generally categorized into 3 areas: molds for optics, molds for semiconductors and molds for other applications.


1.Mold For Optics

We fabricate the patterns for micro lenses, holograms, moth eyes, and diffraction gratings using the fine processing technology based on a semiconductor process.

Process examples

Nanoimprint_Mold01 Nanoimprint_Mold02
phere pattern (micro lens)
  • The pattern for materials of Si substrates,
    quartz substrates, Ni electroforming, etc.
  • Almost 100% filling factor can be achieved
    by whole area covering with the sphere.
  • The lens pitch is available in a wide range from a few microns to 250 microns
Multilevel pattern
  • A reflection type and a projection type are available.
  • The pattern is for materials of Si substrate, quartz substrate, etc
  • Pixel size: from 250nm
  • Digitalized to 4 levels or 8 levels
Nanoimprint_Mold03 Nanoimprint_Mold13
Conic pattern
(moth-eye structure)
  • Substrate materials: Si and Ni electroforming
  • Pattern range: from 50mm
  • Pitch: 200nm-500nm
  • Depth: 100nm-500nm
V-thread type and phrase type
1 micron pitch V-thread
  • Substrate: Silicon
  • Pattern pitch: from 100nm
  • Depth: 50nm

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2.Molds For Semiconductor

NTT-AT will support customer's NIL (Nano Imprint Lithography) technology development using a fine pattern NIL, in the order of 20nm, which is expected to be the next generation lithography technology for semiconductors.

Quartz  mold  with highly accurate patterns

Nanoimprint_Mold05 Nanoimprint_Mold06
70nm in diameter Large space above 10μm

Process examples

SiO2/Si Mold
The uniformity of depth doesn't depend on pattern size.

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3.Mold For others

The fine pattern formation technology of Nano Imprint is expected to be applied in various fields.
In addition to processes for various materials including quartz and silicon, fine dot patterns, high aspect ratio patterns, and deep etching pattern formation and processing are provided to satisfy customers' demands. Standard patterns (line width 40, 60, 80 and 100nm, with 100nm depth) are also available, to evaluate system and resin characteristics such as transfer printing accuracy and release properties.

Process examples

Nanoimprint_Mold08 Nanoimprint_Mold09 Nanoimprint_Mold10
Ultra fine pattern
36nm pitch dots
  • Substrate: quartz, silicon, SiO2/Si, Ni and SiC
  • Minimum pattern pitch: about 35nm
  • Depth: from 20nm
  • Patterns: L&S, dots, holes and rings
High aspect ratio pattern
Aspect ratio 1.0
  • Substrate: silicon
  • Pattern pitch: from 50nm
  • Depth: from 100nm
  • Patterns: lines and L&S
Deep etching pattern
Column pattern with 40μm height
  • Substrate: quartz
  • Depth: up to 100nm


Nanoimprint_Mold11 Nanoimprint_Mold12
Pattern layout SEM image


Material Quartz
Size 10mm square
thickness 1mm
atterned area 7mm square
Type L&S (Patterned area: concave/Edge: convex)
Line width 45 , 60 , 80 , 100nm
Duty ratio 1:1 , 1:5
Depth 100nm

Past record

NTT-AT has supplied a Nanoimprint Mold for more than 20 years, applying semiconductor fine process technology.
We have sold this product to enterprises, universities and research institutes in various fields, such as next generation lithography, optical fibers, biotechnology and medical applications.

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