WinActor - Product infomation
WinActor - Product infomation

Introducing Robotic Process Automation Software

The RPA*Software automates computer tasks. Various repetitive input tasks can be automated by recording them and creating scenarios, including database entry/revision and input tasks for order taking, as well as data conversion.

*RPA:Robotic Process Automation

Think a task has to be done manually? Think again.


Examples of automatable tasks

  • Automatic generation of job orders for construction work
  • Data entry automation for order-taking system
  • Automatic addressing of direct mail
  • Billing that involves customer-specific discounts

Impressive results

Slashed from 8 hours to 10 minutes!

For input in an order-taking system, a workflow now takes 1/50th the time: order reception → list generation → system input → shipping arrangements.


Example of data entry automation for order-taking system
Example of data entry automation for order-taking system


Slashed from 40 to 10 man-hours per day and error rates reduced from 0.3% to 0.0%!

For billing that involves client-specific discounts, input was automated in a workflow involving visual confirmation to apply discounts. The work now takes 1/4 the time and reduces the number of people required from five to two.

Example when used in billing with customer-specific discountsExample when used in billing with customer-specific discounts

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Point1 Quickly repeats tasks of expert workers after recording them

Simply record a computer task performed by an expert worker, then execute the process again as needed. Robotic Process Automation Software accurately reproduces their work. High volumes of work can be done in less time, streamlining production dramatically.

Point2 Convenient-simply choose a scenario

Can be used with data in various formats. Just create a scenario for your data, then select the scenario you need. Scenarios are also easy to revise, with no special programming knowledge required.

Point3 Reduces errors that occur in simple work

Since it makes it possible to automate selection of data destinations and the data entered, based on source data information, Robotic Process Automation Software easily adapts to a range of data entry work while eliminating the input errors that are unavoidable with manual input.

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WinActor® (OR-5000 series)

OS Windows 7 SP1 (en), Windows 8.1 (en), Windows 10 (en)
Compatible software Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016
Compatible browsers Internet Explorer 11
Recommended CPU x86 bit or x64 bit with 2.5GHz  or higher
Storage 3GB of free space or more
Memory 2GB or more
Monitor 1024×768 or higher resolution

*Note: Above is the basic system requirement for WinActor rev.5.3.1


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