Soft Error Test Service
Soft Error Test Service

Reproduce system errors resulting from cosmic rays

Provide Soft Error Test Service in accordance with ITU-T standard using a compact accelerator-driven neutron source

Test service for sophisticated IT devices which require countermeasure against malfunctions caused by soft errors

Recently, there have been strong demands for sophisticated and high performance electronic equipment which are used for high speed communication network to be compact and energy saving. Therefore, semiconductor devices require higher levels of integration. As semiconductor devices become more integrated and miniaturized, how to cope with soft errors caused by neutrons resulting from cosmic rays has become an industry-wide challenge.
We provide a soft error test service that evaluates the reliability of your equipment against soft errors in the real world by measuring and determining faults occurred during the irradiation to the equipment with neutrons. This service enables to estimate the possible fault and failure occurrence rate for equipment such as electronic equipment, information and telecommunication device, and data server whose error brings critical impact to the society.
In the future society, critical devices should have a countermeasure against soft errors and take into account the incidence of soft errors as a risk to improve reliability.

Soft error testing technology of NTT

(Source: NTT Official Channel)


You will be able to estimate the incidence of failure occurrence caused by soft errors of electronic equipment, information and communication device, data server whose troubles bring critical impacts in the society. Also, this soft error test service will allow you to find the locations in which soft errors could possibly occur, during the equipment or system design phase so that you can find a countermeasure at an early phase.
Test and measurement methods are in accordance with ITU-T Recommendation K.130 established by ITU-T SG5, thus you will be able to have a test conforming to the international standard method.

  1. Reproduce soft errors in a short time
  2. Test the reliability of whole equipment against soft error in compliance with ITU-T standard
  3. Verify effectiveness of the countermeasure against soft errors
  4. Control of area of neutron irradiation
  5. Prompt test scheduling and flexible coordination

Test method

We irradiate your equipment by compact accelerator-driven neutron source. The irradiation level is adjusted for your equipment by checking the frequency of faults occur in the equipment while increasing neutron flux from low level. After that, we count the incidence of fault in the equipment at the adjusted level and determine the reliability and efficiency of the countermeasure.

Specification and Neutron Source

Soft error testing system with the SHIEI-owned compact accelerator-driven neutron source


Area of neutron irradiation Approx. 50cmx50cm
Power Supply Used for Test* AC100V/20A, AC200V/20A *Please inquire if you prefer any other power range.
Proton Accelerator (Cyclotron) CYPRIS 370 (Sumitomo Heavy Industries)
Acceleration Energy 18MeV
Acceleration Beam Current 5μA (Able to produce neutron flux density up to 250 million times than natural world)

Testing location

Ehime Prefecture, Japan
*We will ask your presence at the test.

Service Scheme

We will discuss the details of the test plan with you, issue a quote, and then proceed the test. Test report will be provided after completion of the test.


Product Inquiry

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