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Companies Wanted for Evaluating the Final Polishing Film and Rubber Pad ~Will Provide Free Samples which can Improve Polishing Performance and Reduce Cost~
February 20, 2020

Companies Wanted for Evaluating the Final Polishing Film and Rubber Pad
~Will Provide Free Samples which can Improve Polishing Performance and Reduce Cost~

NTT Advanced Technology Corp.

Until September 30th 2020, NTT Advanced Technology Corporation (NTT-AT, headquartered in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan; President and CEO George Kimura) will be looking for cable manufacturers willing to evaluate the long life final silica polishing film, ADS-127 and the new rubber pad developed for the ADS films which can reduce the polishing cost and improve performance.


In recent years, there is more demand for equipment and parts for optical communication due to increasing attention on optical network technology and all photonic network that supports 5G.
NTT-AT has been contributing in supporting the optical communication infrastructure by providing a wide variety of equipment, parts and materials used for optical communication.  NTT-AT’s polishing films has been highly recognized and used not only in Japan, but globally.
To introduce NTT-AT’s products to wider range of customers, NTT-AT will be offering free samples of the ADS-127 polishing films and the rubber pad developed for the ADS films.

Long Life Final Silica Polishing Film, ADS-127

The performance of optical connectors depends on the shape and precision of the end face, and the final polishing process can change the quality of the optical connectors.

NTT-AT’s long life final silica polishing film, ADS series achieves a super low return loss amount for zirconia ferrules.  The film can be used multiple times and will still keep the same polishing performance, so the polishing cost can be improved while keeping the same high quality.  ADS-127 is a round shape film with a diameter of 127mm which is for polishing machines from other manufacturers.  By using the ADS-127 and the rubber pad developed for the ADS series, the longevity of the film and the polishing performance has increased than before.


Free Samples

  ・ ADS-127 samples(100 films)
  ・ ADS rubber pad(2 pads)
(Choose 2 from 4 different durometers HS65,70,80,85、T=5mm、φ=127mm)


Companies that fulfills the requirements below will be eligible
①    Polishes at least 10,000 zirconia ferrules per month
②    Currently using final polishing films from a company other than NTT-AT
③    Reports with feedback within 2 months after receiving the samples

Feedback content

①     If the company can switch to ADS-127
②     Requirements to switch to ADS-127
③     The reason, if the company cannot switch


①     Company can apply only 1 time for the evaluation
②     Product evaluation will not involve any charge for both parties

How to Apply

To get more information and apply, please click on the URL below

Application Period

February 20th to September 30th 2020


ADS-127 Specification


Disk type: 127mm(5inch)diameter(100 films/set) 


ADS: colorless translucent
(film has ”ADS” stamp on the outer tab)

Base Thickness

75μm (3mil)

Compatible Ferrules

2.5mm Zirconia Ferrule
1.25mmZirconia Ferrule


Temperature: 10~30℃、Humidity: 30~60%

ADS Rubber Pad Specification


Disk type: 127mm(5inch)diameter、Thickness:5mm


Black(pad has “NTT-AT” and hardness stamp on the back) 



Compatible Ferrules

2.5mm Zirconia Ferrules
1.25mmZirconia Ferrules


Temperature:10~30℃、Humidity: 30~60%

*1:Zirconia Ferrule
Vital element to for high precision connectivity.  It is made of ceramic with ZrO2 as the main component.  More than 1 billion ferrules are manufactured annually, and most of them are polished using special polishing machines.
SiO2.  Material used in the final polishing film to achieve super low return loss.  NTT-AT uses ultrafine silica with dispersibility on the films with an unique particle size. 


Contact point for inquiries about this product
Optical Product Business Unit
Global Business Headquarters
NTT Adbanced Technology Corporation


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