BCA: Borderless Communication Assistant
BCA: Borderless Communication Assistant
Image of BCA: Borderless Communication Assistant

BCA is Real-time Translation Service which enables you to communicate with people around the world.

Do you have any of these problems?

  • I can't communicate well with people from overseas.
  • Meetings through interpreters are time-consuming and costly.
  • There are misunderstandings because of the language problem, so I have to check them after the meeting.

"BCA" solves these problems!

What is the benefits?

Removes language barriers

  • Transcribe your speech and translate it into your preferred language in real-time.

Makes checking conversations easy 

  • Easy to confirm what is said in a meeting.
  • Even non-participants can understand meeting summaries by going through the record.


AI voice recognition

"BCA" uses the latest deep learning technology to realize automatic speech recognition.

Highly accurate translation

The high-quality translation developed by NTT group improves communication in meetings.

Speech and translation in multiple languages

You can speak and see translations in your preferred language.

Available in 14 languages:
English, Spanish, Chinese (Simple, Traditional), Vietnamese, French, Korean, Russian, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian
*To use "BCA" you need a separate contract for "COTOHA Translator" from NTT Communications.

Further functions

Learning function
"BCA" can learn special words and expressions to adapt
individual industries/customers.
Dialogue format with speaker separation
"BCA" can be used smoothly with a multi-directional microphone. The textualization and translation of the two speakers' conversations are displayed separately on a single PC.

With any meeting applications
"BCA" can be used with any meeting applications (Zoom,Teams, Webex, etc.)
No installation required

No need to install dedicated application. 
Only web browser is needed.
Saving of meeting records

All speech to text and its translation data can be saved and downloaded as a CSV file.

Use cases

Available for any type of meetings, online or F2F communications including seminars and lectures.

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