Multimedia Products

Multimedia Products

NTT Group has contributed to the communication industry with world-leading technology. NTT-AT has inherited those technologies and provides the convertors for many types of transcode in order to transmit and distribute audio and images to various terminals such as PCs, TVs, Smart phones, 4KTVs, etc., and the database specialized for evaluation of transmitted audio data. In addition, by leveling many years of accumulated technologies and know-how for audio recording and transmission, NTT-AT provides communication products while pursuing ease of use and comfort of users, such as an easy-to-hear and easy-to-talk audio conference system, R-talk, and a microphone that can record clear voices even in a 100dB noise environment, an Intelligent Microphone, as well as an information distribution system POPITA that uses invisible two dimensional codes without degradation of images and videos.

Super Wideband Stereo Speech Database

With the rapid progress in IP telephony or mobile phone technology, the standardization work to transmit speech signal with the same frequency bandwidth (14 kHz) and format (Stereo) as music signal is achieved in ITU-T or 3GPP/ETSI. To answer the requests to speech samples to be applicable to the performance tests for such purpose, we released new multi-lingual speech database to public.

Multilingual Speech Database 2002

Contains 7 languages, All spoken by native speakers.

Multilingual Speech Database(World City Names)

Suitable speech datasets for the research on language identification and performance evaluation for speech recognition terminals.

Japanese Words Database

Training acoustic model and performance evaluation for speech recognition systems

Japanese Short Sentence Speech Database

Contains Japanese speech samples spoken by native speakers male and female.

Artificial Voices CD-ROM

Artificial Voices was distributed by our company, along with the old version of the multi-lingual speech database for telephonometry, from 1989 until the service was terminated.

Ambient Noise Database CD-ROM

This database has been developed for evaluation on the performance of telephone sets, public address systems, and speech input terminals with significant ambient noise.

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