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CIOE 2017

CIOE 2017

Booth# 1B72

Join NTT-AT at CIOE 2017.

This year at CIOE 2017 (The China International Optoelectronic Exposition) NTT-AT will showcase the Optical Connector Cleaner, etc.
We look forward to seeing you in CIOE 2017.
Please stop by our booth.


About CIOE 2017

Date September 6-9, 2017
Location Exhibition Center, 3rd Fuhura Road, Shenzhen, China
Organizar Shenzhen BMC Herong Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Website http://www.cioe.cn/
Admission Free


article on exhibition
  • Optical Connector Cleaner Integrated Scope: 'VIEWTOP'
    Cleaning and observation are possible in one unit. The work efficiency for optical connection is significantly improved.
  • Optical Connector Cleaner: 'CLETOP'
  • Optical Connector Cleaner: 'OPTITOP'
  • Optical Connector Cleaner: 'NEOCLEAN'
  • Final Polishing Film: 'ADS series'
    ADS-NEXT is a new generation final polishing film that keeps all the good points of the ADS final polishing film that has become a world standard, and additionally prevents the rapid deterioration caused by fiber indentations.
  • Diamond Polishing Film: 'AAS-DM series'
    AAS-DM Diamond Film offers high polishing capabilities – minimizing scratches.
  • Optical Connector Polisher: 'ATP-3000'
    Achieving both high polishing performance and low running cost.
  • Portable Optical Connector Polisher:'POP-311'
    The POP-311 is suitable for field assembly and/or re-polishing of optical connector in optical network installation and/or its maintenance.
  • Optical Adhesives and Resins
    NTT-AT provides detailed solutions that meet customers' needs for various types of optical adhesive.
  • 3D Interferometer:'SMX series'
    The SMX series are the newest interferometers,superior in both high accuracy and high speed measurement.
  • Polyimide Waveplate
    Thin waveplate makes it possible to have excellent high density packaging and small insertion loss for PLC.

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