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  • The company was founded as Nippon Telecommunication Engineering Corporation with the Capital of 50 million yen
  • Launched technology transfer business
  • Established Society for Technology Transfer
  • Infused with capital from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (presently, NTT: Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation)
  • Launched technology transfer abroad
  • Privatization of NTT
  • Changed corporate name to NTT Technology Transfer Corporation
    Increased capital to 170 million yen
  • Hiroaki Fuketa appointed President
  • Changed corporate name to NTT Advanced Technology Corporation
  • Increased capital to 470 million yen
  • Achieved 10 billion yen in sales
  • Achieved 20 billion yen in sales
  • Tetsuhiko Ikegami appointed President
  • Number of employees surpassed 1,000
  • Established 6 Business Headquarters system
  • Newly established International Business Promotion Headquarters
  • Achieved 30 billion yen in sales
  • Kimio Tazaki appointed President
  • Certified with ISO9001 for network and multimedia related systems
  • Achieved 40 billion yen in sales
  • Expanded fields certified with ISO9001 to communications systems and equipment, optical fiber connector related equipment and communications software
  • Headquarter relocated to Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Opened customer contact center
  • Established NTT-AT Systems Corporation and NTT-AT Techno Communications Corporation
  • Achieved 50 billion yen in sales
  • Opened branch office in the U.S.A. to develop international business
  • Acquired the first certification of OHSAS18001 in NTT group
  • Certified with ISO9001:2000 for network, information, communication and visual systems
  • Established NTT-AT Intellectual Property Sharing Corporation
  • Increased capital to 5 billion yen to become 100% subsidiary of NTT
  • Expanded fields certified with ISO9001:2000 to environmental sensors and services
  • Certified with ISO14001 for entire NTT-AT
  • Established NTT-AT Creative Corporation
  • ISO14001 for the entire NTT-AT group companies
  • Established NTT-AT Nanofabrication Corporation
  • Hiroshi Ishikawa appointed President
  • Global solutions business transferred from NTT-ME Corporation
  • Established Communication Systems Business Headquarters to spread channel of international products
  • 30th anniversary of the company's founding
  • Acquisition of the Privacy Mark (P Mark) for all departments in NTT-AT
  • Shigehiko Suzuki appointed President
  • Established 7 Business Headquarters & 2 Business centers system (reorganized into three business fields: infrastructure, solutions and product sales).
  • ICT-24 Operation Center opened in Minatomirai, Kanagawa.
  • Acquisition of all shares in Mtack Corporation, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • NTT-AT Mtack Corporation established.
  • All NTT-AT Group companies acquire ISO 27001:2005 certification
  • Takashi Hanazawa appointed President
  • "KTN optical scanner" wins the "CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Award" grand prize
  • Established Shanghai representative office
  • Merges with NTT-AT Nanofabrication Corporation
  • RealTalk C7 received a Taipei Invention Award (Gold) at the 2010 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart
  • Obtained all the stocks of NTT-AT Techno Communications Corporation to make it a wholly owned subsidiary
  • Established the Productivity Innovation Department
  • Recognition engines「ISO9001」「ISO14001」「ISO27001」integrated
  • Headquarter relocated to Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • George Kimura appointed President
  • Merger of KTN division into forefront products division headquarters
  • 40th anniversary of the company's founding
  • Reorganization
    Two business headquarters established: Total Solutions Business Headquarters and Business Headquarters-West
    Two business headquarters renamed: Cloud Solutions Business Headquarters and Network and Software Business Headquarters
  • Information Security Department established
  • Large-scale reorganization
    Public Solutions Business Headquarters, Enterprise Solutions Business Headquarters, Security Business Headquarters, Cloud and IoT Business Headquarters, Global Business Headquarters and Sales Promotion Department established
  • Business operations related to acoustics and video transferred to NTT TechnoCross
  • Network Technology Center renamed Business Intelligence and AI Center
  •  ICT-24 Cloud Service received certification of compliance with ISO/IEC 27017, an international standard related to cloud security
  • Intellectual Property Business Center renamed IPES Business Center
  • Collaboration with NTT Com China regarding a system monitoring and maintenance service
  • Strategic alliance with (ISC)2 established for training of advanced security experts
  • 2020 Business Promotion Office and AI and Robotics Business Promotion Office established
  • Adopted GaN epitaxial growth technology from GPT, Taiwan
  • Addition of English capability and a Chinese version to WinActor®, an RPA tool
  • Reorganization
    Solutions Business Headquarters, AI and Robotics Business Headquarters, Rapid Development Center, and Network and Security Management Center established
    Productivity Innovation Department renamed Digital Transformation Promotion Department
  • Concluded an MOU with Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
  • Partnership with VDOO and Macnica Networks in the IoT security field
  • Partnership with Arise Innovation in the provision of AI-OCR
  • Concluded an exclusive distributorship agreement for the Japanese market of ROME, an optical connection switching robot, with Wave2Wave in the U.S., and Hakuto
  • Achieved 60 billion yen in sales
  • Acquired ISO/IEC 20000 certification, the international standard for IT service management systems
  • Large-scale reorganization
    Network Platform Technology Center established
    Solutions Business Headquarters renamed Value Co-creation Business Headquarters
    Network and Software Business Headquarters renamed Network Innovation Business Headquarters
    Network and Security Management Center  renamed Network and Security Management Business Headquarters
  • Sales Promotion Department renamed Business Promotion Department
  • Reorganization
    Two business headquarters established:  Smart Community  Business Headquarters and Smart Device and Material Business Divisio
    Renamed IPES Business Center to IPES Business Division and Network Platform Technology Center to Network Platform Technology Business Division
  • Headquarter relocated to Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Reorganization
    Security Testing and Operation Service Business Unit established
  • Reorganization
    Network Innovation Business Headquarters renamed IOWN Innovation Business Headquarters
  • Tadashi Ito appointed President
  • Large-scale reorganization
    Two business headquarters established: Digital and AI Technology Business Headquarters and DX & GX Business Headquarters
    Global Alliance Business Division established
    Global Business Headquarters renamed Green and Product Innovation Business Headquarters
  • Concluded an MOU with Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

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