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Sensor Converge

Sensor Converge

Booth# 226

Join NTT-AT at Sensor Converge.

This year at Sensor Converge NTT-AT will showcase the KTN and Innovative Optics, the High-Sensitivity MEMS Accelerometer.
We look forward to seeing you in Sensor Converge.
Please stop by our booth.

About Sensor Converge

Date September 21-23, 2021
Location San Jose, CA & Streaming Globally
Organizar Questex LLC
Website https://www.sensorsexpo.com/
Admission Free


Compact Wearable Blood flow meter

Compact wearable blood flow meter can detect peripheral blood flow in real time and visualize data available on a portable device (such as smartphone)

High-Sensitivity MEMS Accelerometer

High-Sensitivity Accelerometer can detect ultra-low accelerations.
Innovative device design combined with advanced microfabrication technology enables substantial noise reduction.

Smart MAT

Harnessing technology to monitor patient's vital signs and conditions remotely and maximie patient comfort, while improving the productivity and quality of car by healthcare professionals

KTN deflector

“All solid-state”, “Opto-electronic” deflector without moving parts. The KTN is the optical crystal with the maximum electro-optic (EO) effects amont exisitng materials.

Humidity Control Sheet

The excellent humidity control function of "Humidity Control Sheet" constantly maintains humidity at a certain level by absorbing and releasing moisture in the air.

UVC module

High power UVC LED module using GaN FET. UVC LED is suitable solution to sterlize various viruses and bacteria. This small and compact size LED module can be eqipped in the surfac sterlization, water purification and air cleaning devices.

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