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OFC 2019

OFC 2019

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Join NTT-AT at OFC 2019.

This year at OFC 2019 NTT-AT will showcase 'Optical Connector Cleaner', etc.
We look forward to seeing you in OFC 2019 .
Please stop by our booth.


About OFC 2019

Date March 5-7, 2019
Location San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA
Organizar OFC Steering Committee
Website https://www.ofcconference.org/en-us/home/
Admission Free


article on exhibition
  • Optical Connector Cleaner
    The pioneer in optical connector cleaners
  • Optical Connector Cleaner Integrated Scope VIEWTOP
    Cleaning and observation are possible in one unit. The work efficiency for optical connection is significantly improved.
  • Optical Connector Polisher ATP-3200
    Achieving both high polishing performance and low running cost
  • Polishing Film
    NTT-AT's polishing films are selected by customers who require stable polishing performance and high yield.
  • Optical Adhesives and Resins
    NTT-AT provides detailed solutions that meet customers' needs for various types of optical adhesive.
  • SMX / MAX Interferometers
    The 3D optical connector end-face measurement system series, SMX/MAX, incorporate a non-contact interferometer microscope that automatically measures the end-face shape of single-/multi-core connectors. It complies with the relevant IEC standard.
    The operational quality of an optical connector production line can be improved thanks to a compact chassis and high-speed measurement capability, in addition to high measurement accuracy and ease of handling.
  • Polyimide Waveplate
    Thin waveplate makes it possible to have excellent high density packaging and small insertion loss for PLC.
  • Humidity Control Sheet
    A dew condensation protection sheet for telecommunication equipment installed outdoors.


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