Foundry services

Foundry services

NTT-AT provides a wafer foundry service from 2-inch to 6-inch wafer size for R&D needs. Our technologies and know-how are based on the technical development cultivated by NTT laboratories over many years, especially for leading-edge communication and switching equipment. We provide a “Basic process service” and “Innovation support” suitable for each customer such as the customer who searches for the foundry that can supply stably small volume key components, who searches for the outsourcing partner with sophisticated process technologies, and who would like to start development including structural designs.

Standard sample for height calibration of AFM instruments with the order of sub-nanometer

Standard Sample for Height Calibration of AFM Instruments with the Order of Sub-Nanometer

nm-scales for nm-beam size measurement

Measurement of nm-size beams, such as electron beams, ion beams, and X-rays, is now possible
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